Rolley… centuries of history…

The farm of Rolley was built in 1791 and fully renovated in 2013. It is situated in the classified site of the Rolley park.


The domain of Rolley was, in the Middle Ages, composed of a fortified castle, a farm, a forgery, a mill as well as 296 hectares of agricultural and wooded lands. The existence of the castle seems to date from the 13th century and it is said that Charles le Téméraire slept there in 1475.


The farm of Rolley was built in 1791 with the construction of the main building. As from 1940, Rolley went through the World War II.


The most striking historical highlight remains linked to the Battle of the Ardennes of Battle of the Bulge.


The General Major M. Taylor, commender of the 101st Airborne Division slept there on December 28, 1944, and the Brigadier General A. McAuliffe was decorated by the General G. Patton on January 30, 1945.


Fully renovated in 2013, the farm of Rolley can today welcome up to 30 people, with 12 rooms with private bathrooms, a large hyper equipped kitchen, a double living with fireplace, a 60m² fully equipped conference room, a 60m² playroom with bar, kicker & billard… In short, the comfort of a luxury hotel with the conviviality of a beautiful authentic house, surrounded by forests, fields and ponds in the Ardennes.